T3 Translife Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing, award winning Education Company in India. T3 Group Company is spreading across the entire education world. T3 Group was established in 2011 with a mission of Transformation Through Technology. We at T3 Translife provide affordable educational technology solutions to Schools, Kids, Housewives, Corporate & Business World. Our products with latest technology are contributing to rejuvenate health amongst all. Our hi-tech telecom system is one of its kinds in connecting people globally and bringing everyone together.
Our presence in India is marked with technology-enabled quality products, supreme quality service, well-structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that comes together to deliver unmatched value. In a record time, T3 Translife has spread its tentacles across all major cities of India, China and Canada etc.
We provide most cost effective and smart solutions to all. The entire range of our products has been developed after extensive research and expert guidelines. More than 1,000,000 lives have been touched and transformed by T3 Translife.


Our mission is to provide positive catalytic impulses to every CHILD, to strengthen his inherent learning competencies, by using self-discovery method and the latest educational technology. We at T3 Translife, actually transform lives through technology, (T3: Transformation Through Technology). Children are our future generation. We are determined to provide affordable technology solutions to every child of all segments of the society to build up a strong Nation.

Education is that process which unfolds the full potential of an individual. Our endeavor is to equip our students, professionals, homemakers and underprivileged youth with life-skills and business opportunities.

At T3 Translife, we have developed technological supremacy integrated with individual skill requirement. On the bases of scientific research, study and survey, all products have been thoughtfully designed and developed.

We at T3 Translife provide opportunity to learn, teach, earn and grow. I would always look forward for your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Founder and CEO T3 Translife
Atul Saini
email ID : atul.saini@t3translife.com

`` vidyaa dadaati vinayam vinayaadyaati paatrataam, Paatratvaaddhanamaapnoti dhanaaddharmam tatah sukham ``..

Knowledge generates humility, by humility one becomes worthy, being worthy one earns wealth, with wealth one gains rightness, and by rightness one becomes happy”. We are working on the first stepping stone towards happiness and wealth- the knowledge T3 products are created with a simple philosophy ‘ Learn and Earn’ which can be implemented at any age, gender and across society sections. We have come up with 3 product offering presently.


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