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Welcome To T3 Translife , an award winning global solution company , transforming
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Transforming Education Through Technology Build a Stronger Foundation for a Life time


Transforming the Breath of your Life Lead towards a Healthier and Happier life


Transforming communication to the next level. Build a stronger and wider social network.

Building a Strong Foundation through EDUCATION

We provide innovative Smartspeak Technology solutions to make the journey Easy and joyful.

Early Learning Solutions: This multiskills development program has a unique combination of touch-sound-visual that triggers audio responses and makes every word, picture and character alive.

Language Learning Solutions: Language learning  with Smartspeak is as easy as learning once own mother tongue.

Learning  Solutions for Schools: Smart Schools are transforming Pedagogy by adapting SmartSpeak Books & technology solutions which is helping them unveil the genius in every child.


Health is  Wealth “  Breathing a Pure Air is the new standard for a Great Health. T3 presents a wide range of Air –Purifier  for your Home ,office and Car .

T3 Air Purifier  for your Home : Research says that air inside the room can be equally polluted as  the air outside .Find out how T3 Air purifier can help you beat the pollution to keep your family Healthier and Happier .

T3 Air Purifier on the Go :Now reach to your destination FRESH and Energized . T3 Car Air purifier are setting New standard in Health management on the GO. Know how it can help you keep going extra miles in your journey of success .

T3 Air Purifier for Schools/Institutions /Offices: Govt these days setting up quality health standards for schools and institution for the  health and safety against increasing level of Air pollution. T3 Air Purifiers are thoughtfully designed to cater the specific need and  quality standard requirement.

For a Better and Wider Global Communication

Transforming the way world communicates .

T3 IOT SYSTEM is coming up with  all new range of products and solution in the field of  communication and telecom security.

Setting up New Standards in Quality & Innovations


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