Study with Fun – Really? How about ‘Hearing’ and ‘Learning’? For Busy Parents!

Let’s ask you a question – how many times does your child nag you to help him with his studies? Or, how many times have you wondered alternate ways of making them study with fun? Well, most busy parents today come across a situation when prioritising between work and the child’s studies becomes challenging.It might affect in both academics and development of the young learners.

So, what’s the solution? What if, the books could speak and teach your kids? With technology being entwined in our culture, it’s time we too transform the modes of learning accordingly.

T3 SmartSpeak – The new age speaking learning program!

SmartSpeak is a cutting edge, small device specifically designed for kids with a ‘touch, sound and visual’ technology. Extremely easy to use, this device gives audio responses immediately when it touches a learning program. It’s fun to use and helps children learn things faster than the tradition method of studying.

That’s not all! Another important benefit of this device is learning correct pronunciation. Kids learn exactly what they hear. So, exposing them to correct pronunciation right from their initial days ensures a strong base of enunciation along with fast learning.

“Encourage children not to earn score, to learn more.”

Benefits of studying with audio technology:

In case you are wondering, there are a lot of reasons for using audio technology.

• Reading comprehension increases by 3 times
• Skills of learning increases by 55%
• Largely helps children with low levels of literacy and those needing special care
• Helps kids who struggle toread
• With this, learning becomes more like story telling
• Students gain more interest in the original texts

Again, most students struggle to concentrate on their studies due to distractions. Here, listening to the texts rather than silently reading helps a lot in reducing this distraction. Above all, this is a great way to learn with fun effectively.
How else can busy parents help kids study at home?

Learning becomes fun when applied in real-time situations.

Remember your childhood days, when your mother used to calculate savings after shopping, to teach you mathematics? Probably, she gave you to count the coins or asked you calculate the figure? That’s how you can teach your child too. Engage the little one in your work.

a). Keep measuring cups in bathtub – Make them think about numbers, volume or size while bathing.
b). Turn kitchen into a lab –Teach them the names of foods, vegetables, fruits, etc. while you work.
c). Talk to them – No matter how busy you are, make sure to interact with them. Conversation with parents can also help children learn things faster.
d). Gift them an exciting study environment – Stick posters, colourful images, maps, figures, etc. so that when you are busy, they can be busy too.

The audio-visual medium creates a more interactive and stimulating environment for students to learn. Moreover, if you consider their future, AV technology is imperative in the highly competitive business world today. So, initiate the process from the initial days.

For the busy parents!

Most busy parents have accepted T3 SmartSpeak as a smart choice for their children. While there cannot be a replacement of parental guidance in a kid’s development, this device can certainly aid in initiating their skill enhancement effectively. Leverage the power of technology to make your kids smarter.



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