Is Making Your Child Study a Challenge? Teach Them the Way ‘They Like’!

So, you are struggling to make your child study (your reading this proves it). Well, this is one of the major concerns of almost every parent – to make their child study effectively and independently.

You might have prepared a time table or a regular homework regime, but all going in vain! Probably, the problem lies somewhere else which every parent needs to understand first.

Have you ever wondered why children prefer to play over studies?

According to research and survey, here are a few reasons –

  1. First and foremost; playing is as natural to children as flowing is to river.
  2. Children are dynamic; and sitting and studying is static for them. That means they love to engage more in lively activities like playing rather than studying.
  3. Kids dislike intense & serious approach of teaching; rather they prefer fun-filled, creative & interesting methods.
  4. In most common cases, children get bored with the same monotonous method of reading books.
  5. Often, lack of conducive learning environment, especially at home, can be a good reason of this aversion.

While these are not all the reasons, aforementioned are the common ones why children dislike learning.

Enough of the problems! Now, as a solution, it is essential for parents to ‘teach them the way they like.’ It should be interesting, fun-filled, engaging and exciting for them. Now, how to make study interesting for kids?

Transformation in Education Through Technology!

Research says, one of the major key factors of human progress is the amalgamation of education and technology. To bring further Transformation in Education through Technology, T3 SmartSpeak learning programs & Reader has been designed & developed to give a new and exciting learning experience to kids. On touching the learning programs, the Smart Reader reads out texts, sings and interacts, making learning a far more interesting and joyful experience.

Benefits of SmartSpeak learning programs & Reader:

  • Kids play with SmartSpeak Reader and learning just happens!
  • The technology of ‘Touch-Sound-Visual’ creates a fun-filled environment
  • Reads aloud words & text so that kids listen and learn faster
  • The images sing & speak, making the learning programs interactive & interesting
  • Interactive games & activities make learning fun & exciting
  • Multisensory approach engages child in reading for a longer time
  • Audio responses provides learning of phonic sounds & pronunciation
  • Repeated listening enriches vocabulary, language & communication skills
  • Develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Promotes independent & self-learning
  • Improves attention span & concentration
  • Builds a strong foundation for a life-time
  • Most importantly, it teaches them the way they like

T3 SmartSpeak is an essential learning tool that effectively takes care of all the challenges of teaching and learning. T3 SmartSpeak naturally develops a passion for learning programs and inculcates reading habit at an early age. It’s an enriching way of keeping them engaged while parents are busy. The most important part is – parents don’t have to struggle to make their kids study.

So, transform the method of teaching through technology and gift your loved one a Smarter future.

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