Fresh and Healthy Air in Your Car

The in-car pollution is a silent and invisible problem. We tend to believe that inside the car our family is protected against outside pollution, but most air-conditioning systems do virtually nothing to keep the harmful pollutants out.

Unique 3-stage filtration technology

  • T3 Air Purifier Clean Air Systems gives you a proven solution to the problem.
  • This easy-to-install system features a unique 3-layer filtration.
  • which helps to purify the air in your car by removing pollutants and reducing odors in 3 stages.
  • The HEPA and HEWSA layers work together to ensure high and efficient purification power.

How it works?

 Inside your car, the air quality can be up to 5 times more polluted than outside, as micro particles (e.g. PM2.5, PM10), dust, pollen, harmful gasses, viruses and bacteria are not filtered and remain in the car.

These pollutants and chemicals have potential side effects on your family’s health, so T3 Air Purifier clean air systems are there to filter out those pollutants fast and efficient, so that you have to worry less about your family’s health and enjoy a comfortable drive.

Breathe clean air on the move. T3 Air Purifiers Move Pure Car Air Purifier.

Choose T3 Air Purifier for pure air. Choose peace of mind.

T3 Air Purifier Automotive, your ultimate
choice for the road ahead

  • No.1 choice of major car manufacturers
  • Original equipment at highest quality standards
  • 100 years of experience in Automotive

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