( 4 – 5 Years )

Kids at this age are: Curious, they love to ask questions and to share what they know. They learn 4-6 new words per day, and are able to recall & retain 3 & 4 letter words. Are able to comprehend pre-number concepts like big-small, heavy-light, tall-short etc. they are in the developing phase of social and cognitive skills and behaviors they’ll need for schooling.


This Multiskills Development Program is an Effective Learning Tool For Pre-Schooler of Age 4 to 5years::-

  • Verbal communication skills(English Pre-Primer) : three letter words with short vowel sounds & age appropriate concepts.
  • Writing skills(Small letter ): with an extensive practice of tracing patterns & small letters.
  • Number skills( 1-50): extensive writing practice with interactive games & activities.
  • Logical ability(Maths Pre-Primer): age appropriate pre-number concepts & number concepts with interactive games & recap activities.
  • Creative skills(Little Artist 2): colouring book with creative craft activities giving wings to the kids creativity & imagination.
  • Words and vocabulary(World Around me 2): words & vocabulary with interactive riddles and reasoning games in English (translation in Hindi & other Regional languages) .
  • Language skills(Shabd Gyan): introducing 2, 3, & 4 letter words and simple sentences with interactive games and reading practice.
  • Writing skills(Shabd Rachna): an extensive writing practice of 2, 3, & 4 letter words and sentences with fun-filled interactive activities.
  • Moral values(Rhymes & stories 2): age appropriate rhymes & stories in Hindi & English with catchy music and intonation.

Quantity of Books: 9

Book Set Price: Rs. 1999 + Reader: Rs. 4500 = Total Rs. 6499

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