( 5 – 6 Years )

Kids at this age: Apply foundational skills to tackle new challenges such as reading, writing and formal mathematics. Are in the process of building essential mathematics and reasoning skills that contribute to future academic success. Must be fed by experiences that stimulate their interest in the world around them in order to satisfy their curiosities.


This Multiskills Development Program is an Effective Learning Tool For Pre-Schooler of Age 5 to 6years:-

  • Language comprehension(English Primer):- short & long vowel sounds, interactive games & age appropriate concepts.
  • Writing skills(English Small & capital Letter) : – Extensive writing practice with guiding steps.
  • Verbal communication skills(World Around Me 3):- Age appropriate words & vocabulary with interactive riddles and reasoning games in English (translation in Hindi & other Regional languages) .
  • Reading and speaking skills (Rhymes & Stories 3):- Fun filled & age appropriate rhymes & stories in Hindi & English with catchy music and intonation.
  • Artist ability(Little Artist 3):- : colouring book with creative craft activities giving wings to the kids creativity & imagination.
  • Logical and Reasoning ability(Maths Primer):- introduction to number values, place values, simplified mathematical operations with talking games.
  • Number skills( 1-100):- Extensive writing practice with interactive games & recap activities.
  • Language comprehension(Swar Gyan):- recog nition of “Swar & Matraa” with sound & 2 to 4 letter words & sentence formation.
  • Writing skills(Swar Rachna) :- Extensive writing practice of simple sentences with interactive games

Quantity of Books: 9

Book Set Price: Rs. 1999 + Reader: Rs. 4500 = Total Rs. 6499

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